LIME can connect parties with questions to relevant partners from LIME’s extensive network.

LIME also facilitates and supervises projects that develop innovative measuring products or processes. There are different ways of structuring projects available that are based on the principle of co-creation and that provide the possibility of testing products in living labs. The LIME team will gladly help you determine the project structure that is best suited to your question or idea. You will receive a proposal and an offer based on the exploratory conversation.

Your collaboration with us will begin with an exploratory conversation.

During the exploratory conversation we would love to clarify your question and determine the exact phase of development that your measurement question is currently in. The level of support that LIME can provide depends on the type of measurement question, target group, context, and our expertise and capabilities.

With regard to some questions, we can give you free advice We can also suggest potentially interesting partners from our network for you to connect with.

Students can also work on projects, with or without supervision.

Some measurement questions require a greater level of support depending on the activities or research involved.


“LIME is particularly experienced in engaging in measurement questions that require the expertise of multiple disciplines and professionals.”